Spice Up Your Resume With an Attention-Getting Career Objective

Spice Up Your Resume With an Attention-Getting Career Objective
When you’re looking to find a new job, the best way to generate interest in your work history is with a career summary that spotlights your best features and gets you noticed.For many people, writing a resume seems like a simple task. Just list the jobs you’ve had and the dates you worked there, provide information about your education, and note any special skills or accomplishments you’ve had during your career. But because your resume is a hiring manager’s first opportunity to evaluate you—and often their only opportunity—your resume needs to stand out from the mountain of other resumes so that a manager will find you appealing enough to interview. So to get your resume noticed, the first thing the manager needs to see is a well written, succinct, hard-hitting declaration of the skills that will show that you’re the best person for the job.

To attract the attention of a hiring manager, you need to assess your credentials and determine how you measure up against other contenders for a job. Decide how you can help the employer meet the goals of the business, and see what qualifications you have that would make you the best candidate for the job. Do you offer any particular special skills or attributes that others may not offer? Are you working to strengthen areas where you may be lacking? What do your current colleagues and managers have to say about you and your work? Make a list of the five things that make you the most marketable in your profession. Then put pen to paper and write a career summary statement that will knock their socks off.

Conduct your research. If you present yourself to a prospective employer as the most perfect person for the job, the more likely you will be to get it. Therefore, you need to search through ads for jobs you want and compile a list of job requirements and qualifications that are commonly sought after in applicants for the jobs you want to pursue.

Create an attention-grabbing headline. An eye-catching headline on your resume will hook the attention of any hiring manager and make them want to read more. Your headline should include not only the type of job you’re looking for, but also the main thing that makes you the best candidate for that job.

Tell employers what makes you the best person for the job. The next step is to write your objective statement. Begin by writing a brief synopsis, in just a few words, of your career achievements. Show prospective employers that your dedication to results are desirable, and clearly show what benefits can be achieved by hiring you.

Target one career goal. The most effective career summary focuses on one specific career goal. If you have more than one objective, your best approach might be to create different versions of your resume so that the resume you submit is specifically applicable to the job you are applying for. Be sure that your summary contains plenty of keywords related to that specific career field. You can make job-specific resumes even more effective by including a "Key Skills" section containing a list of your most important capabilities.

Proofread for perfection. This is perhaps the most important step in creating an effective career summary. First impressions are the most important, and may in fact become lasting ones. To be sure that you give a hiring manager the best first impression possible, your career statement and your resume should be absolutely flawless, particularly if the job you’re applying for requires good communication skills. Be sure the tone of your objective statement is appropriate for the job you’re applying for, and do your best to avoid generalized statements, instead focusing on specific accomplishments and skills.

The path to the career you’ve always wanted begins with a career summary that tells an employer you are the absolute best person for the job, without a doubt. Spend whatever time it takes to create an excellent representation of yourself on paper, and that piece of paper will help you get an excellent job.

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