Get Professional Resumes by Resume Writing Service

Get Professional Resumes by Resume Writing Service
Is it your first job out of college, or one after a sabbatical? Everyone needs a well-written resume, and who better than the professionals at a Resume Writing Service.Everyone wants a well-written professional resume, but how many of us actually have the skill to construct a well-rounded resume? Not many, and this is where resume-writing services come into the picture. These create a resume that suits you and your needs for a fee for their services. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it is too good to be true, most services will advertise that they are the ‘best’ or ‘Number 1’ but do not be fooled!

Most resume writing services claim their fame by just rewriting what you have given them, or they will just use a template from the Internet. It is what you can do as well. Do not be fooled by these, what you need is a service that can give you quality work and one that gives you a resume that is according to your skills, position and expectations.

Tips on how to choose a resume writing service
Before you go and give your resume details and money to a resume writing service, here are some things you need to know and tips that will help you choose the best resume writing service:
Avoid factories: these are sites that claim to be partners with Monster, Career Builder and other big sites. These do not do much except use a cookie cutter template that produces the resume. If you want a resume like the million others out there, then this is fine. But if you want a custom Resume, then avoid these like the plague. You want a service that takes the time to know you and understand your needs and then create your resume.
Check out the website: it is important for you to check out the website and see how it looks. If it is not organized and attractive, what makes you think they will do the same for your resume? Though you shouldn’t judge the company only by its website, it plays an important role.
Check Credentials: check to see if the company has certified writers and if it has other worth credentials. The most popular is the Certified Professional Resume Writer, this is more of a designation but it needs tests to be cleared, so you know the writer is competent enough to handle resume writing. Also find out more about the writers, like their business background and education. These things matter, as it is your resume they are handling.
Check for samples: always ask for samples before you do business with a resume writing company. If the samples do not match up to your expectations, then the company won’t either. Move to the next company.
Check the process and get references: you know it is a good resume writing service when they want to meet you personally for some one on one time, this gives more information than a questionnaire form ever will. Also gauge the process they follow so that you understand how your resume is going to be structured. Make sure that you check references of people who have used the service before so that you can get understand from their point of view how it worked for them and the success rate.
Free evaluation: always check to see if the company provides a free resume evaluation. If they don’t then they have something to hide, like the use of templates.
Guarantee: does the company offer a guarantee, like a revised resume if you do not get a job after six months and the sort. Always choose a resume writing service that believes in themselves.
Price: ask the price of the service. Do not judge the service purely by its price though. A decent price is $100 for a well-written professional resume.

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