Build a Professional Resume

Build a Professional Resume
Applying for a job or an internship? Well the first thing that you need to do is build a professional resume.Remember Reese Witherspoon in legally blonde? I was in splits to see the cute blonde who walks into the Harvard Law School with her out-of-the-world resume, which is not just pink, but is also made on perfumed paper. Well Reese might have gotten away with that in the movie, but sadly people who are hiring candidates to be a part of their large organizations are looking for more. You need to build a professional resume to get noticed.

A resume is nothing but a summary of your academics and your work history. A resume is a summary of your statement of purpose. It is a direct window to reflect upon a person’s academic as well as corporate achievements and overall performance. Well often at times we get so confused owing to the numerous resume formats and styles available that we do not realize which details are essential and primary on a professional resume whereas what are the things that can be omitted from it.

In case of academics it will include your grade point average, which is an index to your academic performance. As for the work history, you need to mention details like the duration of work, the name of the employer and any special projects that you undertook and were acknowledged for during your tenure. Apart from that you can also mention your computer skills or any additional qualifications that might seem worth putting on your resume.

First of all choosing an appropriate format is extremely essential to build a professional resume. Pick a simple and straight resume format. Avoid too much clutter in your resume. Keep things clear and simple. Start off with the basic details like your name, age, contact details and so on. Avoid redundancy, for example if you’ve already mentioned your birth date, there is no point in mentioning your age again. It is always better if you can categorize your information into short bits, which anyone can quickly scan through. You can have categories like educational qualification, academic achievements, work experience, computer skills, language skills and so on.

One important aspect that almost everyone gets confused about is the length of the resume. You never know whether it should be limited to one page or can be stretched to two and a half pages. Well, the answer is simple; unless you’ve got a bag full of international awards or a Nobel Prize to flaunt, keep your resume short and succinct. One to one and half page is enough to list out your qualifications and experiences. In case space permits, you can mention your hobbies and extracurricular activities.

Once you have finalized your content, think about presentation. Use a clean and good quality paper to print your resume. Use standard fonts and spacing instead of fancy fonts and abrupt or too much spacing. Also, make sure your carry your resume like a professional, carry it in a folder or your briefcase and always have multiple copies of it. Do not forget to carry a soft copy on a memory stick.

Writing a resume is not a very difficult task, however if you feel you need some help with it, you can always seek some resume writing services as well some online resume templates, which can provide you a rough idea to help you get started with your resume. You have plenty of resources to build a professional resume. all you need to do is focus on the task, get all the help you need and create your resume.

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