Biodata Format

Biodata Format
A biodata or a resume is a brief introduction of the achievements of a person. There is a certain code that has to be followed while making a biodata. Hope the below given biodata format will help you make a decent biodata.First impression is the last impression.' This is an age old quote that is absolutely true and rightfully believed by those who have the responsibility of picking up the best of the lot to get a certain job done. Whenever an advertisement for a job opening is given in the newspaper, applications pour-in in heaps and it is the job of the company's recruiting officer to select the perfect people for that position.

I am sure that everyone knows the procedure that is followed for these interviews. First, applying for the job by sending a copy of your biodata, then if the biodata gets shortlisted, facing a series of tests and interviews is inevitable. The biodata format includes certain rules and guidelines that have to be followed strictly to make a standard biodata.

The biodata, also known as the resume, is a small peek into the professional life of a person, that is printed on a few sheets of paper. The biodata is the entry pass for any person into the company hence, its structure and format has a lot of importance. A systematically made biodata will catch the eye and lead to further opportunities whereas a haphazardly made biodata will miss the chance even if it belongs to the perfect person. Following is a biodata format and some resume writing tips.

Format for Biodata


Name :
Age :
Date of birth :
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