Comparison Essay

Comparison EssayComparisons Essays are very easy and as well as interesting to write. It is a good school for beginners. During the entire essay you will search for similar and different features, prove them and break the stereotypes.
Before start writing a paper, decide, what topic will be interesting for you and what will be actual for your audience you will present it for.
After consideration of topic start the research work. During research look at the topic from as many sides as it only possible. It will make the work more colorful, interesting and innovative.
Try to unite unsuitable and compare completely different. But be sure that every point you will be able to explain and prove each of them.
Before writing, note all of the similar and opposite points of the things you are comparing. It will facilitate your comparison and contrast essay writing process. In the introduction of your comparison essay you must identify the points of comparison and let the reader guess your preference.
It will be your introduction. In the main part, try to open sense of all the opposites and commons you have mentioned before, but spread the definition and describing them. Be sure to present differences/similarities in the order of their importance, leaving the minor details for the end of your essay. Remember, that is not just a description of the things, but you are to evaluate and contrast them in your essay.
In Comparison Essays the paragraph following the introduction must discuss the characteristics of the first subject. Make sure that when you discuss the similarities and differences, you provide relevant examples as proof that they do exist. The second subject must not be mentioned here. Avoid writing long, lengthy paragraphs. Write a number of short paragraphs rather than one or two long ones.
After this, the two subjects being discussed should be named. You must then tell your readers if these two subjects are very alike, very different or have numerous interesting or important similarities and differences.
The conclusion is the last paragraph of your essay. Here as usually you need to provide a short summary discussing the most important similarities and differences in general. Some good ways of ending your concluding paragraph are with a personal statement, a prediction or an interesting fact. You can look for some famous quotation, or ask some oratorical question making a step into new topic.

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