Internship Resume Objective

Internship Resume ObjectiveAre you looking for an internship and don't know, how to write an internship resume objective? Don't worry, here we will give you a few tips so that you can write a proper objective besides writing an impressive resume. Read on...
While writing an internship resume objective, you should write it in such a way that you introduce your aim of doing the internship besides the topic of the internship. The objective of an internship should be written after the name, address and contact number above your personal details. While selecting candidates for an internship, employers have a different set of goals compared to selecting candidates for the full-time employment. Moreover, the selection criteria while choosing interns is different and as such the differences should be reflected in your resume. The main point of difference between an internship resume and a resume for employment is the goal of a candidate. Your aim should not be to further your career but to acquire certain skills so that later on they can successfully apply for a particular position in the industry. Academic achievements are of much more importance compared to work experience and you should be able to convince the employers that the internship is an extension of your studies. Read more on how to write a resume objective.

Through objective stated in your internship resume you should be able to convince the employer that your studies would align with the desired internship. Moreover, you will also have to provide details of what you can offer to the employer and the skills you want to gain from such an internship. You will also have to provide details of how you want to use those skills to further your professional career.

The main aim of providing these information is to not only show your commitment and desire for the internship but also showing how you are the most deserving candidate and how you would take advantage of the opportunity as and when provided. Moreover, employers look for interns who would be an asset for the company and intends to join the company as and when given an opportunity.

Here we give you an example of internship resume, a common format, which you can try and use while applying for the internship. Even though, there is no set format of writing a resume, you should remember that it is important to present all the information you want to convey consistently so that the employer can easily find all the qualities he is looking for easily.

Internship Resume Objective Examples

Here is an example of an internship resume which you can use as a template while writing your resume:

City, State Zip Code
email address
contact number

This should include your aim of applying for the position, how you would contribute towards the goals of the organization, what do you want to achieve out of this internship, your academic achievements and how the internship is an extension of your academic studies. You may like to know more on resume objective examples.

The educational degree you have attained till date starting from the most recent educational qualification should be stated here. It should also include the city from where you have passed out, the state, graduation date and your score.

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