How to Make a Resume for Job

How to Make a Resume for Job
Are you wondering how to make a resume for job? Presented below are some tips, downloadable templates and samples for a resume. Read on.A resume, also known as résumé or curriculum vitae (CV), is a document that tells about a person's education, qualities and experience in professional world. The resume reaches the employer first and hence, it creates some impression about the candidate. A resume should always be impressive and accurate if the candidate wishes to make a positive impression. A resume is essential to find a new job or change a job. In some cases, it is even used to secure new clients. So how to make a resume for job? Let us take a look at it in detail.

How to Make a Resume for Job: Format

One should note that resume writing is not a difficult task. There is a standard resume layout which should be followed in order to make an accurate resume. This resume format is used and applicable in nearly all parts of the world. A resume can be handwritten or typed; however the latter is more impressive and formal. A resume should always be updated to the latest. The following is the proper resume format that will be helpful to you if you wish to know how to make a resume for job.
Name, address, contact number (e-mail ID if available)
Objective (optional)
Educational qualifications (degree and the name of university)
Relevant experience (job title, name of the company)
Extra curricular activities/other skills
References (if required/optional)
Sometimes, the layout can vary according to the job. If a person wishes to make his/her resume more elaborate, he/she can add more professional details to it. However, it depends on the type of job one is seeking. In certain professions, a short and more professional resume is preferred. Photocopies of suitable certificates are attached with the resume or carried along during the interview.

How to Make a Resume for Job: Sample

The following example of a resume for job will be helpful to you if you are making a resume for the first time. This resume sample is of a candidate who is in search of an internship in HR management.

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