Personal essay

Personal essayThis kind of essay will seem a children game even for beginners. It is a kind of literal autobiography. Her you can write anything you like and what you think is important about your life, character, and achievements, plants for future and so on. Generally, keep in mind that the points about your life that you highlight should be somehow relevant to both your own interest in the field of study, as well as to the concerns of the admissions committee. In judging what information to include or exclude from your essay, try to balance academic, work-related, and personal information in a manner appropriate to your situation, goals, and the application requirements. Feel free to say exactly what you want to say with little restriction, but do not repeat yourself, and be brief enough that the reader can follow your point and move on to the next one without losing interest.
Choose topic which you will present – your experience, life way, hobbies or other features.
Introduction will tell why you have chosen exactly this topic and what is so special and important about it. In the main part your purpose is to describe everything in the brightest colors, with emotions and emphasizes.
In conclusion you can mention your plans, dreams, aims and wishes, but do it in the same way you have the entire essay.
The personal essay is helpful to teachers because it gives them a snapshot right up front of your grasp of language, composition, and voice. In a sense, any essay is a personal essay because it includes the thoughts and ideas of the individual. However, while many essays call for objectivity and distance between the writer and the subject matter, the personal essay asks for the opposite: it demands the thoughts, feelings, ideas, and personal input of the writer. The written expression of your qualities as an applicant will often be a very important way for committee members to get to know why you are an acceptable candidate for their program.
Here you will not be able to say you are far from the subject or you cannot understand something, you are free to chose the topic, style, period of time and so on. If you are interested in a good result, you can surely show yourself as best. But it will also help teachers and listeners to understand you hard and weak features, what you can and in what you are a profane.

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