Five Paragraph Essay

Five Paragraph EssayFive paragraph essays are used to be applied for wide topics. It is more useful to write five paragraphs if you need to describe more than one main topic in the essay. In this kind of essay, main part is divided into three parts.
The introduction as in any other essay consists of an opening idea. It is a generalization about your topic and work on it. Introduction may have a form of quotation, small phrase, quote with historical, national, psychological or other meaning. The last or few last sentences should catch the topic of main ideas, so that it had connection. Than start writing the first paragraph of main part. As each of five parts has its own specific features, it is better to follow some recommendations to write the competent and interesting essay.
The first paragraph of the body should include the strongest argument, most significant example, cleverest illustration, or an obvious beginning point. The first sentence should contain the "reverse hook" which ties in with the transitional hook at the end of the introductory paragraph. The last sentence in this paragraph should include a transitional hook to tie into the second paragraph of the body.
In the second paragraph of the body works the same rule. This time, pick the second theme in support of your thesis argument and cite evidence for it. Again, you must open this paragraph with a transitional sentence; one leading from the previous theme to the current theme.
The third one is like a bridge to the conclusion. Its topic should relate to the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. The idea will have weak importance and less important than the previous two.
Before writing, make some sketches and decide which topic will be more or less important and according to this develop your thoughts.
The conclusion is the most difficult paragraph. Here you should summarize everything you have said and make a verdict to it. So it performs some very significant functions. It is very effective to end your conclusion with a question or call for action. In the conclusion you can mention one more time most important points and say about thing you might forgot.
Check again, you have mentioned and described in full amount everything important by chosen topic and that it looks nice all together.
Before finishing, correct all mistakes and inconvenient parts. Make it perfect by adding quotations, scientific facts, proverbs or your own predictions and conclusions.

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