Professional Reference List

Professional Reference List
Knowing how to prepare a professional reference list is very important when you are applying for a job somewhere. People call up on these numbers and find out all about you just to know whether or not you are fit to work with the organization. Here's some more information about the reference list...Along with your resume, the second most important thing that you have to submit is a reference list while you are on a job search. This list will be used by the employers of the organization where you have applied to contact those whom you have mentioned in the list and take a reference check. So, it's important that you know how to prepare a good and professional reference list and also how to write a good resume. Here are some tips on how you can prepare one of the best reference lists.

Tips To Write A Professional Reference List

If you just give a list of the names that first comes into your head while writing the reference list, then that will not be of any use because the list should contain names of those who would be willing to give a feedback about you and also the names of those whose words your to-be employers, can trust. If you give the reference of your nearest store dealer who knows you for 5 years, then a computer organization will not get the proper feedback. Go through the tips given below and learn how to write a professional reference list.

Collect Names
Remember while preparing the list, that you are preparing a professional reference list, thus, it should contain names of those under whom, or with whom you have worked in the past. They are the best people who can give your employers a really good insight about your professional life. So, try and remember all those people with whom you had been really close during work and those who will be more than ready to give information about you. You can include your co-workers with whom you had worked, you can give the names of your managers and bosses or supervisors under whom you had worked, or you can even give the names of the clients with whom you had dealt within your previous job.

Take Permission
Before you add someone's name in the professional reference list, do take their permission. First, speak to the person whose name you are putting and let them know that you have added them. Or else, they will suddenly get a call from the applied company and if they have no idea that you have put their names, they will not be willing to give out any information about you. Also the person whose name you have put may or may not be willing to give an insight about you. Thus, taking permission is important.

Collect Contact Information
Now that you have the names and the permission of the people whom you want to add in the professional reference list as a part of your resume writing, collect all their contact information, like where they are working, what is their designation, their phone number, their e-mail id, their office address and also what is your relation with them. Besides this, also mention for how long has the person known you. All these have to be mentioned in the professional reference list.

Prepare the List
While writing the list, give it equal amount of importance that you have given to your resume. Use the same page and same font that you have used for your resume. Do give great importance to the layout of the list. If you want, you can also add some personal references but that will go only towards the end of the list of professional reference. Make proper headings and type out the list properly. Learn how to type a resume and reference list if you do not know it well. Remember that first impression that an employer gets about the employee, is from their resume and their professional reference list.

Thanking People
After the reference has been given to your employers, whether or not you get the job, you have to call up each one of those mentioned in the professional reference list and thank them. All this will come to great use again later in future when you use their name again.

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