Hobbies and Interests on a Resume

The section containing the hobbies and interests on a resume can be the most confusing one. Read this article to clear some of the doubts that you may have.Writing a resume is one of the most important steps to finding an appropriate job. You may have the necessary, or even more than the necessary qualifications for the job. These qualifications will definitely give you the much-needed confidence to get to your dream job. But if you do not have a well composed resume, then your qualifications can go down the drain. Especially, the hobbies and interests on a resume. They can be the making or breaking point on your profile, which may help the reader decide if you should be called for an interview or not. So read ahead to know the importance of this section in your resume.

Why to Include Hobbies and Interests on a Resume

Many people debate about the necessity of the hobbies and interests section in resume writing. Some say it is just a waste of time and that if the reader is unimpressed with the first half of your resume, he will rarely go ahead and read the hobbies and interests section. Earlier, the personal interests section was generally dedicated to writing about some personal or professional achievements. Or to write about any special club or group that the candidate is a member of. Employers never really bothered to read it because their requirements and the interests mentioned rarely matched.

These days, there is a broader approach to the whole concept of hiring a candidate. Along with education, an employer is also looking for soft skills while recruiting a prospective employee. So, it has become vital that the hobbies and interests on a resume be mentioned. Today, before calling a person for an interview, employers make it a point to read the hobbies and interests section, just to see what the he/she does in his/her free time. This can be a point or THE point on which they base the call for the interview.

Tips on How to Write Hobbies and Interests on a Resume

Give below are some resume writing tips to keep in mind on how to write a good resume, so as to highlight the special interests.
Get One: Many candidates worry because they feel they do not have any concrete hobbies that they can list down. My advice to such people would be to GET one!
Keep Them Real: For heaven's sake, do NOT include a hobby or interest that you do not actually have. There are quite a few chances that the employer is going to ask you to elaborate on the interests that you put down. For instance, if you don't read, don't put it down. The interviewer is very likely to ask you what you're currently reading the minute he sees the 'reading' in your hobbies section.
Keep it Simple: Agreed that you can use this section to highlight some achievements, but don't go overboard. Keep it plain and simple, stressing on only the relevant achievements and not unnecessary ones. Like, if you're applying for a job as a Math teacher, listing the awards you've won at cooking competitions does not really help.
Complement: Another tip is, write down those hobbies and interests that you know will be an asset to your resume. It should enhance the value of your resume. For instance, while applying for a job as an art teacher, you must mention if you enjoy photography. Since it's an art job, there's a high possibility that the interviewer may also be interested in photography. It'll help build an easy rapport.
Be Prepared: This point will tell you why you cannot FAKE having a hobby. Example, an interviewer will be able to gauge immediately if you're actually a follower of a genre of music or not, when he asks you to recite the lyrics of your favorite song from that music genre. Or if you've put down swimming, he may ask you some swimming moves related questions. If you say singing, he may ask you to sing something for him. Imagine if you can't sing and end up croaking like a frog!
Hobbies and Interests on a Resume Example

Given below is a resume hobbies and interests example for a writing job, that you can use as reference.

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