Office Manager Resume

Office Manager Resume
Need to know the correct format of an office manager resume? Want to know what all is to be included and what is not to be included? This article will give you all the information about how to write an office manager resume. Read on...The main task or responsibility of the office manager is ensuring the smooth running of the company. It is a job with a huge responsibility hence, while taking in people as office managers, the skills of the applicants are checked and what better way to check than from the resume of the applicants. Thus, while applying for the job of an office manager, it is important that you know the proper way of writing an office manager resume and know what are the resume writing skills required. Given below is an office manager resume sample which you can make use of.

Office Manager

Before going into the details of office manager resume, let us first see what we mean by an office manager, what are the office manager duties, and of course, what is the office manager salary.

While reading about the office manager job description, we should know that they play a key role in the daily day-to-day running of the company. Their main responsibilities includes supervising the employees, reporting to the main head, looking after the administration and coordinating teams and promoting effective work environment. They are also responsible for bookkeeping and other accounting functions of the company. Hence, they should have some basic knowledge in accounting as well. They work with the company partners and also the company owners. They sometimes even have to communicate with the president of the company to discuss the various organizational needs. They earn around USD70,000 per year.

Maintaining the company and exercising sound judgment every single day, is a mammoth task. Hence, the office managers should know how to handle pressure, be confident about what they do and should also be able to motivate others to work for the company. They should be hardworking, sincere and loyal towards the company. Hence, while appointing an office manager for their company, the employers scrutinize the resumes of the applicants thoroughly. If you are applying for this job, then you have to know how to make your resume stand out from the rest, and also how to fulfill the office manager resume objectives. Given below is an office manager resume sample which will help you to write the best resume. Just follow the steps.

Office Manager Resume Sample
Name and Address
Contact Number
Email id

Current Status: Here you have to write about what you are doing now, where you are working and since how long you have been working in that particular company or firm.

Objectives: You have to write about what are your various objectives that you would like to achieve, keeping in mind the goals and aims of the company you are applying. You have to write about your objectives about working in the company as an office manager.

Educational Qualifications: In this section, write all the details of your educational background. You have to write about from where you have done your schooling, how much did you score in the finals, etc. You also have to mention the details of your college education, such what subject did you pursue there, what was your score etc. If you have done any other degree or diploma courses (part-time or full-time), then you have to mention that too. Do not forget to mention the year of passing in the resume.

Work Experience: In the work experience column, you have to mention the names of all the companies you have worked for previously. Give the number of years you had worked for in each company. Also give the position that you had held in that particular company. This is the most important section in the resume, as the employers will see the work experience that you have as the task of an office manager is not a piece of cake. So make sure that you mention all the details and all the achievements that you had acquired in the previous companies.

Skills: In this section, you have to give the employers a reason as to why they should employ you. And for this, you have to mention all the skills (professional skills) that you have. You can mention what your typing speed is, or how good you are with computer and other technical stuff. You can also write what are your plus points, that you think will be useful for the post that you are applying for such as you can work under pressure, you can meet deadlines, you can be an active part of a team etc.

Hobbies and Extra Curricular Activities: Having a good work experience is not the only thing. Mention all the extra curricular activities that you have done, write about what you had achieved such as an award at the Chess championship etc. Also talk about your hobbies. Sometimes the employers are impressed more by the hobbies rather than by the rest of the resume. And whatever you mention, it should be the truth.


Office Manager Resume Example
John Cooper
34B Peterson Avenue, Regal Apartment, NY
Phone No: 234-123344
Email: [email protected]

Current Status: At present I am working with ABC and Company as an Office Manager. I have been working in this company since the past 5 years.

Objectives: My main objective is to advance my career, gain knowledge about the work process and interact with professionals from the same field and inculcate good work ethics.

Educational Qualifications: I had done my schooling from XYZ Institute, Brooklyn. I passed out from school in the year 2007 with 'A' grade. I did my Masters in Accounting from NYU in the year 2008-2009. I had also done a part-time Diploma course in Computer from UNCLAN

Work Experience: I had worked at MNC Ltd for 3 years as an Accountant and had also received the 'Best Employee' award in the year 2009. I had also worked with BVM Pvt Ltd for 6 months as an office manager.

Skills: My occupational skills are:
My Typing speed is fast.
I can work under pressure and have always met my deadlines.
I can communicate with others and also work in a team.
Hobbies and Extra Curricular Activities: I love to read books. Traveling and photography is also something that I am good at and love to do.

Date: 23/02/2010

The above example is just a fictional one, which you can of course change as per your wish. It just gives you the basic idea as to how to go about writing the office manager resume. Just use the office manager resume skills, your resume can easily attract the eyes of the employee and I am sure that with your confidence, this job is for you. So wish you all the best.

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