Customer Service Resume

Customer Service Resume
If you are a new entrant in the service industry, then you may need to learn how to draft a good customer service resume. In this article we give you a sample resume and some tips that will help you draft one.Experts believe that resumes that have a focus and seem target oriented do better during the weeding out process as compared to generic resumes. This is true for the customer service industry as well. It is important that a customer service resume has information detailed out in a quick, clear and effective manner. The experience that is relevant to the position you are applying for should be presented in a condensed but powerful form that grabs the attention of the reader. The more simple a resume, the more effective it is, and the more are your chances of being called for an interview.

There are some key things that you need to remember while writing a customer service resume. The process of resume writing is not as difficult as it is made out to be as long as you ensure that you include information that is important. As a customer service professional, it is necessary that you emphasize on the results you have achieved in your previous position. Do not harp upon your accomplishments that you sound like a braggart but do mention them. This contributes to creating an impression. Most recruiters tend to look for stability in your resume. If you have been job hopping, then there is a possibility that your resume may be rejected but try and highlight those positions that you have held for a long time. Employment stability is quite important as this gives the impression that you have learned the techniques of how to deal with customers pretty well. There are some important keywords that ring true for every profession so while drafting customer service resume, include these keywords and to enhance your chances at getting that interview call. The last but the most important thing to remember while drafting your resume is to be honest about your accomplishments and qualifications. One of the tips to follow while drafting a resume for a customer service position is to look up a customer service job description and match the qualities given there.

Sample Customer Service Resume

While drafting a customer service resume it is important that it is drafted in such a manner that a prospective employer is able to get a gist of your qualification in a quick glance. This is important because the employer will probably be flooded with resumes and you need to ensure that he does not have to wade through a lot of information. Most customer service resume examples will harp on the importance of displaying your abilities and customer service skills list properly.
Katherine Becket
316, Rockview Apartments
NYC, NY - 87697
Phone No - 959-696-5664


To secure a position in Customer Service where I will be able to use the extensive experience I possess and further develop my skills.

Educational Qualifications

2003 - 2006
Bachelor of Commerce in Sales and Marketing, Boston College

1998 - 2003
High School Diploma

Other Skills

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook Express.
Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop

Work Experience

Customer Service Manager
Just Brands, River Heights, Boston
June 2006 till date

Key Responsibilities
In charge of a twenty member team which makes up the customer service department at Just Brands.
In charge of hiring and training customer service representatives as and when required.
Building relationships with existing and prospective clients and conducting market research among target audience for feedback and to promote sales.
In charge of coming up with new rules and regulations as and when required to improve on existing customer service policies.
Ensuring that the customer service department assists customers with their different needs like returns, service, orders, etc.
Keeping a check on telephone queries from customers regarding different product inquiries.
Teacher's Assistant
Boston College
September 2004 - 2006

Key Responsibilities
Maintaining records about students, attendance, assignments, etc.
In charge of classes occasionally in the absence of the professor.

While drafting a customer service resume always include a customer service resume objective which tells the employer what your long term goal is. Also include a customer service cover letter if possible as it will enhance your chances at getting a call for the interview.

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