How to Do a Resume

How to Do a Resume
It is necessary to learn how to do a resume before actually making one. The following article will give you some ideas as to how to do a resume correctly.In today's professional world, the competition is truly cut throat. And to get ahead in this competition you have to make sure that your resume has an edge over the other thousands of other applications that the employers are flooded with. A proper resume format is the basic requirement as it helps the employers absorb your details easily. This will be the first impression you will create in their minds, much before they even see you. And you know what they say about the first impression, that it is the last impression. Why not make the most of it? It will eventually make you successful in getting the job you always wanted. The following article will tell you how to do a resume properly.

How to Do a Resume for a Job

Following is the general outline of a resume for any job along with some resume writing tips. You just have to make a few minor changes to suit your job description. So here is how to make a resume and what all to include in it.

Personal Details
Don't make your prospective employer search for your contact details on the resume. Let it be right there on the front page of the resume on the top. But don't write all the personal details here. Just write your name, phone number and email address on the front page. That is quite enough for getting in touch with you, which is the objective here. Write a small column of all the remaining personal details at the end of your job application. These details will include marital status, sex, date of birth, etc.

Resume Objective Statement
The resume objective statement is probably the most important part of the resume because it is the first thing that your employer will read on your resume. There are many sample resume objectives available around the web but I would suggest that you make one yourself for your resume. Because most people are going to use such ready-made objectives, and you will stand out if you have made your objective yourself. So knowing how to write a resume objective that suits your own self is very important.

Experience and Academic Record
As far as the academic record is concerned, you have to give the complete details of your educational background, semester-wise grades and the overall average. Even though you have an experience of ten years, you will be asked about your grades. The experience part applies if you have an experience of a minimum 6 months and in the field you are applying for. Experience in any other industry is as good as no experience.

Technical Skills and Other Expertise
Technical skills and other special skills and qualifications will be different for different jobs. But the most common ones are MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and familiarity with Internet. This is the place you mention all the extra courses you took up. But they should be related to the job you are applying for. The best way to ensure that is to read the job description properly and see which of those skills you already have and mention them. There are many other skills to put on a resume which you should check out.

Personal Interests and References
People tend not to attach much importance with the hobbies and interests on a resume. But they tell the employer a lot about your personality and likings, and are thus very important. And the employer will be asking you questions about your hobbies and interests. The references you give on the reference page for resume, will be contacted for sure, so you should give proper references preferably from the same industry.

The projects you have undertaken can be mentioned along with your technical skills if you are a fresher. But if you have proper experience of working in the same field, you must have undertaken a lot of projects. In that case, you should mention them in a separate section along with mentioning clearly, your contribution to the project.

How to Do a Resume on Microsoft Word

Now that you know how to write a resume for a job, let's look at how to present it well. You should never submit a handwritten resume. You can get it typed from someone or do it yourself with the help of the Microsoft word software. But even in that, you should not just make an ordinary document. There are special resume templates available in the MS word software. If you have an Internet connection, you can visit the official website of Microsoft and get hundreds of resume templates available there. As they give you templates, most of your work is already done, and only your details are to be changed and filled. Remember to use simple fonts and avoid using vibrant colors. Then you can take printouts of this resume and submit them or directly or mail the Word document to the prospective employer.

I hope you have got good information on how to do a resume and also how to present it well, from the above article. If you want more help, go through this free resume templates for professionals. It is bound to help you in a big way. Good luck!

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