Medical Office Assistant Resume

Medical Office Assistant Resume
Looking to draft a medical office assistant resume? Read through the article to find out how...Medical office assistant jobs are one of the hot job options amongst the many job openings in medical jobs. In order to become a certified medical assistant, a graduate must take medical assistant certification which is administered by the American Association of Medical Assistants. A certified medical office assistant can apply in private physician/doctors office, hospitals, clinics, health care centers and other ambulatory care facilities. With so many job openings for one position; it is important that one makes a resume that is impressive and that enlists all the basic duties and responsibilities that one has undertaken in their previous experience. A medical office assistant resume is judged on the basis of the number of tasks he/she is capable of performing. Let us peek into the world of medical office assistants by thoroughly understanding their role in the medical sector, through an overview of the responsibilities and duties of a medical assistant.

Medical Assistant Job Description
A medical office assistant performs an array of duties and responsibilities that includes both administrative as well as clinical duties. A medical assistant job description involves the following duties:

Administrative Duties
Scheduling appointments for patients
Answering phone calls
Maintaining medical records of the patients
Accommodating emergency cases in the basic schedule
Bookkeeping or maintaining other office records other than patient records
Handling medical billing and claims
Explain the admission procedures to the patients
Overseeing the use of laboratory equipment, purchasing and maintaining them and other office supplies that could also include stationery for the office
Stocking the equipment as per the requirement after consulting with the physician/doctor
Clinical Duties

Administrative duties are allowed to be performed by any graduate. However, performing clinical duties varies according the state law. Many health care centers and hospitals require a graduate to take a certified medical assistant exam to perform the clinical duties mentioned below.
Assist the doctors during patient examination
Undertake basic laboratory tests
Sterilize medical equipment
Making notes of patients medical history
Take x-rays and other lab specimens as part of the diagnosis tests

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