Discussion essay

Discussion essayDiscussion essay is type of essay in which writer can state his personal views and opinions without thinking too much about the reader’s approval or disapproval. This particular type of essay is more about introducing a topic and then elaborating on it. In simpler terms it is like a discussion within an essay.
Choosing a topic is a very important stage as always. The firs is catches our attention and attention of the readers – is title. It should be short, remarkable, easy in understanding, but have something intriguing.
In a discussion essay one usually analyzes a topic and presents various points of view. These opinions include that of those in favor of the topic and also those who oppose it. Therefore it presents the reader with a comprehensive idea of the topic. The writer can also discuss his opinions in the body part of the essay, but the introduction should necessarily be a preamble to the main content of the essay and the writer is advised to stick to a general perception of the topic before expressing his personal vies as the essay may lose credit if the latter is followed.
The introduction, body and conclusion follow usual essay format and have the same logical importance.
Introduction should show what topic have you taken for your essay, what was the reason of such decision, why is this topic so important for you.
After you have described the plan of action, move next to the main sense – body of the essay. The language used in writing must be simple, error free and smooth flowing so that two sentences dealing with the same point are well connected and two paragraphs within the same main body are well linked. The conclusion should give a brief review of the whole essay without repeating the main points. It should not discuss any new points and can give an overview and the implications of the discussed topic on a larger scale. It should be so written and presented so strongly that it forces the reader to do some thinking on his or her own part.
Do not afraid to include a bit provocative sentences, they will help you to get audience in discussion and make it lively. But remember the difference between provocation and rudeness. Audience may be different and you can hurt someone’s feelings. It is not the goal you need to reach. The last lines should however be impacting enough to leave a favorable impression.

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