Security Officer Resume

Security Officer Resume
Learn how to draft a security officer resume from this article, so that it becomes easier for you when you're applying for this job. This article will give you all the details and information that you need. Read on...The job of a security officer is a tough one. He is responsible for the protection of assets, properties and even lives. He has to be responsible and even alert and they also need to know what to do in certain tough situations like a burglary case or maybe in a case of fire or terrorist attacks. You can learn more about the security guard job description which is sure to help you. Security jobs are pretty risky. When people employ a person as a security officer, several things have to be verified and this verification is done not by word of mouth or just by looking at the physique of the person, but by looking at the security officer resume. This resume that you give while applying for the post, speaks a lot about you. Thus, it's important that you know how to write a resume for a security guard job. All this information you will get when you read further. Also given is a security officer sample resume.

Security Officer Resume Writing Steps

While writing the security officer resume, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. The resume should be such that it should successfully communicate to the employer about your skills and experiences. Just go through the steps given below and that will teach you a lot about resume writing.

Name and Contact Details
The first thing that you have to mention is of course your name and contact details such as your address (both permanent as well as temporary), your phone number(s) and even your email id. All this has to be given so that the employers know who you are and can also contact you when required. If you want, you can also attach your own picture along with the resume.

Usually the next thing that we write in the resume while applying for other jobs is our educational or maybe our professional qualifications. But here, the next thing that you must write is what your objectives are as a security officer. You have to be clear about your objectives otherwise you might confuse your employer.

Skills and Experience
In the security officer resume, you have to mention about your skills that are related to your profession. You have to talk about the various areas you are experienced in, where you had worked earlier, what are the various certifications and awards that you had won. You also have to write about your qualifications like whether you know how to handle a gun, whether you know how to save a life etc.

Educational Qualifications
Next talk about your educational qualifications, such as what were your specializations, what you had studied in college. Also mention if you had done any special or correspondence course specially for this profession. Do not forget to mention the certificates that you had received.

Other Basic Information
Next, in the security officer resume, mention the other skills that you have such the different languages that you know, your hobbies, your special interests etc. Now that you know how to write the resume, let us now move on to a security officer resume sample and format.

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