Essay, Term Paper or Research Paper: Factual Topics

Essay, Term Paper or Research Paper: Factual Topics
When you are asked to write an essay, you may be struggling to come up with a subject and title for it. At some point, all students are asked to use their creativity and knowledge of their subject to write a free-title essay.

A custom essay may be about anything at all. Essays could be factual or may take the form of an abstract. Factually based subjects are easier to write given that they are open to research and are usually based on known facts.

When you’re asked to write about abstract topics, this is not usually possible. Creativity is personal and each individual view of a topic will be different from the next person’s. However, how much can you research on any topic? For instance, consider the following topics:
• Factual topics: Analyze the emphasis give to religion in modern politics.
• Creativity based topics: Analyze your thoughts about one extraordinary experience in your own life.

While you could easily research material on the first, for the second, you’d have to rely almost entirely on your own thoughts and feelings, which is not always easy.

Factual essay writing can include almost any topic you could think of. They could relate to religions, politics, ethics, the sciences, technology, literature, humanities, social sciences, mathematics and many other subjects. They are usually focused on an explanation of the subject and research about it. Unlike writing about oneself – where you are the only source of knowledge – these topics have already been researched and documented by many others.

So how do you approach these different topics? First you should understand the subject well. Then you must establish what you are required to do. Do you need to just describe the subject or is it required of you to analyze it? How in depth should your essay be? Will the boundaries be specified for you or should you ascertain the boundaries?

Take a look at these examples: Is capital punishment defensible in the contemporary world? This essay would require you to establish these facts:
• What exactly is ‘capital punishment’?
• Globally, where is capital punishment enforced?
• Similarly, where is it banned?
• Which crimes are punishable this way?
• Can this sentence be overturned?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages?
• What may be considered the ethical issues?
• How can this sentence be justified?
• What are the alternatives to capital punishment?

So, an essay on factual topics – whether it is a school essay or an mba essay that requires studious research, preparation, and presentation – is not easy. It is made easier by the availability of information that already exists however.

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