Renaissance revaluation

Renaissance revaluation
Contemporary art is characterized by a keen interest to the past cultural movements. Moreover, modern social trends tend to review the values and heritage of past epochs.

The celebration of the 500 years since Columbus discovered America made a great contribution to the revival of interest to the Renaissance. The role of Columbus in the Renaissance was both positive and negative. On the one hand, his aim was to conquer other nations and it was often done in a violent way. On the other hand, discovery of new lands and the international voyages of Columbus broadened the horizons of Europeans and made them re-estimate their place in the world and also formed a more global vision of the place of the human in the Universe. Thus, the Columbus discovery opened the door to cultural revaluation of past era's heritage.

Throughout centuries the statue of David by Michelangelo Buanarotti was seen as an example of artistic perfection. It symbolized the harmony of spirit and form and celebrated the beauty of human body. The sculptor combined the antiquity and his time's knowledge of anatomy to create a unique work of art. Recently, the interpretation of the statue got transformed drastically as it became a gay icon. More attention is paid now at erotic sensual nature of David than at the artistic value of the sculpture.

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