Thesis Statement Examples for Essays

Thesis Statement Examples for Essays
The following article will give you a detailed explanation of thesis statement examples for essays. If there has ever been a problem regarding this topic, the following article should help you out.
Essays are a part of every curriculum. They help in developing reasoning, cognitive and logical thinking and help in setting forth an idea better. A point that is seldom discussed, and is just as important, is the fact that thesis statements are also an equally important part of any essay writing project. What are thesis statements? And why are they an important requirement for all essays is what we will be studying in the following article through some detailed thesis statement examples for essays. Continue reading if you want to know more on essay thesis statement example.

What are Thesis Statements

What is a thesis statement? Simply put, a thesis statement is something that will reflect what the entire essay is about. It is a concise and short summary of the essay that follows in a mere line or two. It lets the reader know of what is to follow. But more than giving him a concise pointer of what the essay is about, it also puts forth the fact about how much you have understood from the essay and what is the depth of your knowledge about the subject. That is why thesis statements are important for essays, should include the basic point or the argument of the essay and it is important to know what is a good thesis statement and how to write it. Thesis statements also form the basis of the essay that is to follow. Once you know the reason what you need to show through your essay you will be better equipped to handle it like that.

In the remainder of this article we shall study some thesis statement examples for essays (different forms of essays) so that the idea will be clear to you.

Thesis Statement Examples for Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay is one in which one needs to persuade the readers of a particular idea through persuasive writing. Therefore you need to set forth an argument after you've picked a side. Here is how you go about a thesis statement for this one:

'Convince the audience whether cell phones should be banned in educational institutions or not'.

The way you approach the thesis statement is to go about it this way:
Understand the subject
Pick a side
Build the arguments surrounding it
You might use a sentence like - Cell phones should be banned in all educational institutions. - Even though it is clear the side that you support, it does not give any reason why you're saying it. So good thesis statement examples for essays should go something like this - Cell phones should be banned in all educational institutions because they cause distractions and take away from the main focus of studies. - This thesis statement lets the reader know why you don't support this point and that arguments to support this cause will follow in the essay.

Some other examples of thesis statements for this form of essay writing are:
School uniforms should be introduced because they lend a sense of equality and provide a better environment for studying.
Smoking in public should be included in the three strikes law because that would make our society a better place to live in.
Year round schooling should be discontinued because it is not beneficial for students and would create unnecessary negativity toward school, stress the students out and provide for limited vacation opportunities.
The minimum age for undergoing an abortion should not be made lower than 18 because the minor is not mature enough to handle the trauma that an abortion could bring.
A healthy self image can be brought about by discouraging anorexic models from the ramp.
Juveniles should not be tried as adults because they lack the maturity to understand the consequences of their crimes.
Thesis Statement Examples for Argumentative Essays

In argumentative essay writing an argument is put forth. A topic such that it can cause a debate and a conclusion can be reached at the end of it. Here is how you go about a thesis statement for this one:

'Since all our daily needs are met by vegetarian food, is it unethical to be a non-vegetarian?.'

This topic can be argued on both sides therefore a thesis statement that brings out that key factor will have to be a draw. This is how you approach it:
Brainstorm the topic and divide the points into negative and positive sides.
Based on that, pick a side and then check if you can build an argument around it. If you can, you have a winner right there.
You might use a sentence like - It is unethical to be a non vegetarian and it would make for one of the best argumentative thesis statement examples for essays because it puts draws for sufficient reason to argue on either side.

Some other examples of thesis statements for this form of essay writing are:
Should emotional infidelity be given importance since it has no physical aspect attached to it?
Should gay couples be allowed to adopt since they are of the same sex?
Can and should the issue of ethics be raised if women are portrayed as mere objects in the ad world to sell products?
Should the choice of having designer babies be given to couples with defects so that they are ensured of healthy babies?
Should junk and processed foods come with a warning of being unhealthy?
The number and type of essays that there are, those many examples will run into thesis statement examples for compare and contrast essays or expository essays thesis statement examples. But the crux will basically remain the same.

A thesis statement is important and should never ever be left out of the dissertation that you plan to prepare in the form of your essay. Hopefully now that you have some thesis statement examples for essays in this article, you will be able to construct a good thesis statement and give your essay that much more quality. All the best and hope you write a good one.

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