Creative College Essay Topics

Creative College Essay Topics
As we all know, there are many creative college essay topics that we can choose from. Here are some unique creative college essay topics that you can choose from and write an essay on your own. These creative topics are sure to get you some good grades and a lot of praise.
"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will." - George Bernard Shaw

I agree that just like creativity, creative writing is something that you are born with but I also must say that there is nothing in this world that you can't learn. Creative college essay topics are not at all different from our normal essay topics except the fact that your topic has something to do or rather is related to creativity. According to me, every essay is a creation and thus should come under the creative essay category but what I think is hardly of any importance here. So let's just take a look at some college essay tips and some creative college essay topics that you can choose from.

What Works and What Doesn't!
Some things work like magic and some just don't. A new idea, a new concept will work wonders at any given time. On the other hand, the old topics which have been read and written million times will never catch any attention. For example, short stories are written by every one today but short story ideas with a twist can be something new to look at. Another good option is feature stories. There are many feature story ideas and you can choose any one of your interest provided it has something to do with creativity. This will prove that you have done your research and taken efforts to write your essay. There are also many story ideas for fiction writers and fiction stories do make wonderful essays but fictions stories with a totally new concept that nobody has explored before will work much better. Compare contrast topics can also provide some interesting creative ideas at times.

Maintain the Flow
One thing you must remember while learning how to write a college essay is to maintain the flow throughout the essay. Every essay is like a short story in itself and from start to end it must hold the attention of the reader. If you have started writing a short fiction story, make sure it is understood from the initial paragraph itself. Do not fill the essay with too many figures and statistics and keep more paragraph oriented content so that the continuity works better.

Choose Wisely
Although there are many good college essay topics, the way you write your essay really makes the difference. Since you might have to search on almost every topic that you choose, choose something about which you have a general idea. Though there are many interesting topics to write about, it's always better to write about what you know than about something that is completely new to you. You can do better, much better if the topic is of 'your type' and interests you. You can also make your own topic with a completely new idea and approach. Here are a few creative college essay topics that you can go through and choose from.

List of Creative College Essay Topics

On Religion and Faith
Is Hinduism Really a Religion?
Writing. . .Playing God?
Spirituality Vs. Religion
Can God Forgive Everything?
The Power Of Prayer
Is there Life After Death?
Are Ghosts Real?
On Art and Literature
Quotes and Sayings
Feminist Literature
Fiction Vs. Non Fiction
Biography of a Boy Charged With Juvenile Crime
Analysis of Daffodils by William Wordsworth
On Society and Systems
Beauty Pageants for Children
Homosexuality in Education
Communism Vs. Democracy
Sociolism Vs. Capitalism
Peer Pressure and Society.
Morals Vs. Ethics
Sociopath Vs. Psychopath
On Love and Relationships
Living Together Before Marriage: Good or Bad
Where Has Love Gone
Love Story of Cleopatra and Mark Antony
And Then He Simply Forgot
Expectations: The Thin Dividing Line
On Short Stories
I am a Woman
Coming Back to Life
It's a Mad World
Et Cetera
The Blank
A Slave's Freedom Story
On Some More
Why do People Get Tattoos
Is Santa Really Real?
Stages of Life
Home, Sweet Home
Thoughts in a Wayward Mind
Lost Connections
Possessive is a Word
I hope this list of creative college essay topics helped and that you will write an essay on one of them soon. Remember that creativity doesn't have to be shown in every word you write. Your essay can be very simple but the basic idea of essay writing can be very challenging and creative. You can refer to a glossary of literary terms to improve your vocabulary. It is always advisable to include points which show that you have enough knowledge about the given topic. Difficult topics do not indicate more knowledge and potential, the content does. So start learning without wasting any more time. Best of luck!

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