Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples
Compare and contrast essay examples could be many, but only the ones which can substantiate valid information, can fetch you good grades. This article gives you some interesting and informative compare and contrast examples.
Compare and contrast essays - what do you understand from them? In such types of essay writing, the writer brings on the existence of two elements, which could be anything. As the name suggests, these essays try to bring out the similarities between two entities, and at the same time, mark a distinction between the same two objects. It is similar to finding out the pros and cons of something. This method of comparing and contrasting is not something that is limited to essays or any other part of academic learning. This is what we do in our daily lives. With so many choices at hand, having a compare and contrast approach, does help to get the best out of everything. So with this thought in mind, let us begin our article on some popular compare and contrast essay examples.

Free Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

Below you would find the compare and contrast essay examples, being classified under college standards and that of middle school. However, when seen intricately, the level of education does not really matter. What's more important is the information presented for the purpose. Also, the essays belong to different genres such as that of science, medical science, geography, religion, culture, animals, literature etc. The examples are as follows...

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples - College
Liberal Arts and Technical Education
Poverty and Paranoia
Church Sermons and Campaign Speeches
Best Friend and Archenemy
Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa
City Life and Suburb Life
Classical Physics and Quantum Physics
Commercial Movies and Documentaries
Discoveries and Inventions
Elle Magazine and Vogue Magazine
Galaxies and Constellations
Herbal Cigarettes and Tobacco Cigarettes
Air Pollution and Water Pollution
Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton
President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton
Bluetooth Technology and Infrared
The Buddha and Jesus Christ
Christopher Columbus and Early Astronauts
Cleopatra and Octavia
Deserts and Forests
Desktop Computers and Laptop Computers
Earthquakes and Landslides
Ebooks and Paper Books
Email and Postal Services
Google Search Engine and Bing
Guitar and Piano Music
Internet Explorer and Google Chrome
Mathematics and Computers
Michael Jordan and LeBron James
Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso
NASCAR and Formula One
Physics and Chemistry
Poetry and Prose
Reality TV shows and Soap TV shows
Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal
Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting
Time Travel and Astrology
Touch Screen Phone and Ordinary Handsets
Trees and Shrubs and Bushes
Vegetarian Diet and Non-vegetarian Diet
Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi
William Shakespeare and William Wordsworth
Windows Vista and Windows 7
Wireless Internet Access and Cable Internet
Wrestling and Kick Boxing
Influence of Music and Influence of Books
Life Science and Physical Science
Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter
Love and Infatuation
Mac OS X and Windows 7
Macbeth and Othello
Mars Travel and Moon Travel
Men and Women
Opera and Ballad
Plant Foods and Animal Foods
Private Sector Jobs and Government Sector Jobs
Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda
Rugby and Soccer
Saltwater Bodies and Freshwater Bodies
Sedentary Lifestyle and Active Lifestyle
Singers and Music Directors
Teenage and Adulthood
Texting While Driving and Drinking and Driving
The Wizard of Oz and Huckleberry Finn
Unix and Linux
Compare and Contrast Essay Examples - Middle School
Active Student and A Passive Student
African Elephant and The Asiatic Elephant
American Revolution and the French Revolution
Anaconda and Burmese Python
Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code
Anti-Slavery and Anti-Abortion
Apes and Monkeys
Australian Flora and Fauna and The African Flora and Fauna
Beowulf and Odysseus
Black Mamba and Inland Taipan
Boats and Cruises
Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding
Buying a Puppy and Buying an Older Dog
Catholic Schools and Public Schools
Chess and Carrom
Church Sermons and Campaign Speeches
Cinderella and Snow White
Cloth Diapers and Disposable Diapers
College and High School
Common Wealth Games and Olympics
Creationism and Evolutionism
Cultivated Flowers and The Non-Cultivated Weeds
Diamond and Graphite
Dolphins and Whales Evergreen Forests and Coniferous Forests
Fear and Confusion
Football and Cricket
Friends and Charmed
Global Warming and Increasing Population
Going to a Zoo and Going to a Pet Store
Helicopters and Airplanes
Herbivores and Carnivores
Hurricanes and Blizzards
Karl Marx and Max Weber
King Cobra and Inland Taipan
Latitude and Longitude
Lithosphere and Troposphere
Mammals and Oviparous
Marine Animals and Terrestrial Animals
Mitosis and Meiosis
Motorbikes and Bicycles
Nazism and Fascism
Nuclear Fusion and Nuclear Fission
Oedipus and Othello
Online Games and Outdoor Games
Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean
Perception and Sensation
Perennial Plants and Biannual Plants
Plastic and Paper
Pool and Snooker
Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy
Renewable Energy and Non-Renewable of Energy
School life and College Life
Seeing a Play and Seeing a Movie
Sherlock Holmes and Watson
Snakes and Lizards
Snowfall and Rainfall
SRAM and DRAM (Static Random Access Memory vs. Dynamic Random Access Memory)
Tragedy and Comedy
Vegetables and Meat Products
Victorian Culture and Gothic Culture
World Bank and World Trade Organization
Wrist Watch and Wall Clock
Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary
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So there you have with you some good compare and contrast essay examples for kids and for grown ups as well. Jotting down all of them may get quite tiresome, so simply get a print out, make your picks and start working on them.

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