How Long Should a College Essay Be

How Long Should a College Essay Be
This article aims at explaining how long should a college essay be. So, read on carefully to make your college admission essay a perfect one.
Writing essays in a good way is a skill which we all must acquire. There is a particular format, or a standard format, which we all need to follow when it comes to formal essay writing. In this article we will be discussing how many words should a college essay be. Why do we require to write college essays? These are mostly for getting admission in a college. This means that these college essays are written by students to the admission department of the college. Before we understand how long should a college essay be, we should be aware of how to write a college essay in the first place. So, let us discuss it first in the next paragraph.

Writing a College Essay

As mentioned above, writing college essays is essential to help the admission department of a college know your merits and credentials. This will help them choose the right candidates from all of those who have applied for seats for various courses. A college admissions essay is one of the best ways of letting them know your positive points. Now, the most often asked question is how many paragraphs should a college essay be. The answer for this is, it can be of four paragraphs of equal sizes. What you write in the college essay is more important than how long it is. So, you must give importance to quality instead of quantity. Referring to essay outline formats prepared by others will also help greatly.

Now, what should be the contents of a college essay? In this essay, the starting will be with your introduction followed by your educational qualifications. You can use some short forms wherever necessary to prevent the essay from being too long. Your participation in other activities apart from studies, special achievements, hobbies, special interests will follow your personal introduction. Then, the next paragraph shall have details about the subject of the essay. Here, you will be writing why exactly you wish to take admission for that particular course. From your words, it should appear that you are sincere for the course and are really looking forward to it. You should clearly state how the course will help you and that you will follow all the instructions of the college and the teachers in the course of your studies.

Before you start writing a college essay, you need to consult some seniors and go through a brainstorming process which will help you in jotting down all the points which you need to mention in the essay. Make sure that you do not miss out on the important points, and write the most important points first, followed by the relatively less important ones. The content should be written in an easy to understand language and in a grammatical correct way. Thus, these aspects of how to write a college essay are far more important than how long should a college essay be. However, in the next section, let us discuss how long should a college essay be for common application.

College Admission Essay Length

The best answer to the question, how long can a college essay be, is between five hundred and nine hundred words. At the most, you should not exceed one thousand words as the admissions department has to go through many application essays and hence, they would love them to be short and precise. The proper word count of five hundred to nine hundred will make sure that your essay is not too lengthy and is easily understandable. Avoid the habit of writing the same point again and again as this can be quite irritating for the reader. Do not stretch the essay too much by writing unnecessary things. You can also explore other college essay topics to improve your writing skills.

By now, you must have known how long should a college essay be and how you need to write it. Follow these instructions or tips for writing essays for your own good and secure your career. Good luck!

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