5 Paragraph Essay

5 Paragraph Essay
A 5 paragraph essay is a common assignment that several of us face as students. In the following article, a common method that is used to write such a five paragraph essay has been explained. To know more, read on…
Writing a really good school assignment is a tough job, especially if it is a 5 paragraph essay writing assignment. The demanding nature of this assignment has earned it some really good nick names, such as, five legged monster, a hamburger essay, one three one essay, a three tier essay, etc. 'One three one' is a significant name as it aptly describes the structure of the essay. An introduction, three main paragraphs and a conclusion. Though a tough task, a five paragraph essay is a great assignment that prepares us for our work life ahead as every task at hand, how much ever important it is, is always accomplished just like a 5 paragraph essay.

This kind of assignments are usually compare and contrast essay topics, or process analysis essay topics, where you need to put in some rational thought to give a conclusive comment regarding the topic. Example: 'Women Leaders: a blessing for the society'. Here you will have some or the other personal perception regarding the issue, however, a rational and logical comment or comments by you that summarize all the aspects of leadership, have to be included. You cannot think as a person in such a case, you need to think as a member of the society. Here is a 5 paragraph essay outline…

How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay?

Though the 5 paragraph essays are rarely, expository essay topics or informative essay topics, including a good flow of facts is an absolute necessity. This makes the 5 paragraph essays tough to write since you need to club argumentative topics with informative topics. Some other types of essays that can be included in the 5 paragraph essay include, reflective essay topics and controversial essay topics.

The three principle dimensions of a 5 paragraph essay are research, thought and flow. These three dimensions have to go simultaneously and hence start typing the entire thing in a soft copy as it becomes easy to maneuver within the river of facts and also makes it easier for you to edit the written matter. So here goes…

1. Introduction

The first part of the essay is of course the introduction. The introduction is more of a defining paragraph, where the entire concept is stated in a very, very crisp manner. Some historically significant events or names and statements related to thinkers and philosophers can also be included. Unraveling of the topic of the essay should be done in this paragraph. Every topic is like a mathematical explanation. That is you have to solve the literary equation and find out what actually is to be written in the essay. As per the above example, 'Women Leadership: a blessing to the society', the essay should contain some integral thought regarding the high social standing of women in the modern society and their highly capable temperaments. These thoughts should be nothing but truth and truth itself, one cannot make an illogical personal comment or statement. Thus you introduction should unravel the topic, i.e.: 'a blessing to the society?', the answer to the question: depends on the society and the people's approach. Back these statements with some research on the web, research papers, findings by the government, etc.

2. Main Body #1
The next part is a deeper view in the prospective and in this paragraph you need to state some facts. There should be the rational explanations of both the three factions of the issue, women leaders, government and lastly the society in general. Remember that you need to logically and rationally state facts in an ascending sequence.

Statistics, success stories and the society's appreciation of women leaders in the past and even some negative stories of failure can be included.

3. Main Body #2

The second part of the main body is very difficult to write, as you are commenting upon different aspects of female dominated leadership. Here you will have to come up with simple logic such as how 99% of females are ideal mothers, and how every mom is a great leader. The simpler the logic, more authentic the fact becomes. This part is the most difficult due to the fact that you need to state logic within the flow of the language. Your own logic and thought thus play a highly integral part.

4. Main Body #3

Take any 5 paragraph essay example, you will find that some real life examples are written and included. You will have to, however, write example in the same analogy of the second paragraph. For example, Hilary Clinton, is not just a great leader, but is an ideal mother and who possesses pinnacle high tolerance and undeniably high volumes of compassion. In manners, she is an ideal mother, woman and leader.

5. Conclusion

Have you heard about Schaffer paragraph? Well it's a kind of paragraph where 4 factions are included, a topic statement, a detail and commentary that is followed by the finalization. Writing the conclusion of the 5 paragraph essay in this manner would be great, as it will thoroughly summarize the said aspects of the entire essay.

As a personal recommendation, let me recommend you to abstain from using a 5 paragraph essay template, as it puts your own thoughts into darkness. Taking some writing tips into consideration will help a lot. I hope that the elaboration on 5 paragraph essay is resourceful. Good luck.

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