Topics for Argumentative Essays

Topics for Argumentative Essays
Choosing the right topic for argumentative essays is a difficult task especially for the first timers. This article provides a list of topics for argumentative essays that you can refer to.
Writing an argumentative essay is a difficult job for many people. Because, it is basically an art that you must learn. But, let me assure you that it's quite an easy art to learn, all you have to do is select from any of the topics for argumentative essays and practice writing that would improve your writing gradually making you a good essay writer. Before I provide you with some topics for argumentative essays, it is essential for you to know how to write an argumentative essay:

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essays writing is like any other essay writing but it is generally written in a specific structure. You cannot afford to use overtly flowery language though sarcasm and humor is acceptable. Given below are some of the writing tips that would help you write well on given argumentative essay topics.
The first and foremost things before you start writing an essay is to find out some of the argumentative topics that you would be interested in writing about.
Once you decide about the topic, start gathering information about that topic. For this, you would need to do a thorough research on the same topic.
The topic can be a wide one so focus on one or few points on which you would like to argue.
When you start writing, you need to introduce the reader to the topic. So presenting the issue or topic is the first step while writing.
Now present the sides of the argument first and then assert your point of view. Make sure to support your statements or comments with factual information.
You also need to give evidence while making a certain statement as mere justification without proof is not acceptable and shows the lack of knowledge and study on your part.
As said before, argumentative essay writing is formal and hence you also have to provide the reader with sources from where you gathered the date or information.
Make sure to use the non judgmental language instead of emotional one.
At the end, it is better to provide the reader with a logical conclusion asserting your point of view.
How to Select Topics for Argumentative Essays?

The process of selecting topics for argumentative essays is a crucial one. It is better to choose a topic that you really stand for and already have some idea about. Good argumentative essay topics are those which you are comfortable on writing about and have some opinions about. It is also better to choose current topics so that the reader finds it interesting and it is also easier for you to gather information. You must also know your target readers and choose the topic accordingly, so that they can connect to the topic. In short, you must know the purpose of writing an essay, so that you can deliver a better and creative writing.

List of Topics for Argumentative Essays

Given below is an argumentative essay topics list that you can refer to. You can personalize the topics by rephrasing them as per your needs and requirements.
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Can We Justify Violence?
Does Age Matters in Relationships?
Is Competition Good?
Should Exams Be There?
Should Girls Ask Boys Out?
Can Infidelity Be Justified?
What is Important? Health or Figure
Is Cloning Good or Bad?
Are There Aliens
Are Vampires Real?
Are Mermaids real?
Does Television Affect Your Intelligence? In What Way?
What Is the Best Age to Talk to Kids About Sex?
How Much is Too Much Homework?
Role and Future of the Social Networking Sites
Are School Uniforms Good or Bad Idea
Is There Life After Death?
Organ Donation: Pros and Cons
God: Myth or Reality
Should Gay Marriages and Lesbian Marriages Be Accepted?
Should Abortion Be Legal?
Homosexuality: Natural or Unnatural
Is Animal Testing in Cosmetic Industry Right?
Is Global Warming Real?
Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Schools?
Should Abortion Be Legal?
Should Death Penalty Be Abolished?
Is Gun Safety Important?
Can Pet Euthanasia Be Justified?
Is Hinduism Really A Religion?
The Influence of Chat rooms On Teenagers
Are Ethics Important In Business?
Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered?
How is Glamor Affecting Our Daily Lives
Cigarette Smoking - Quit Or Don't, The Choice is Yours
Does Food Exert a Role More Than Just Satiating Your Hunger?
Are Girls Mean to Each Other?
Do Violent Games Affect People Negatively?
Would An Easy Access To Condoms Prevent Pregnancy?
Does Religion Causes Wars?
The above argumentative topics list is not exhaustive. You can refer to it and take an idea about what constitutes an argumentative topic. Now do some brainstorming and come up with your topics for argumentative essays that would make you a wonderful writer.

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