Good College Essay Topics

Good College Essay Topics
Looking out for good college essay topics? Well there are many and your search ends here because you will find a variety of essay topics listed over here.
There's just something about writing which benefits us all. Men and women pen down a few words and think over it again and again till they find a logical explanation. Therefore developing a habit of essay writing is a very good task which should be undertaken by all. Writing improves your vocabulary, your language and also helps you in thinking rationally. Now, if you are in college it's obviously understood that you have many assignments and projects that always show up and one of them is writing good college essay topics.

Now any essay writing assignment requires a lot of thinking and a proper approach to the subject. You have to make sure you are diplomatic in your attempt to write information and not hurting sentiments if other people. It's necessary that you write down your views but make sure they are not direct and not hurtful. Now, before writing an essay, it's necessary that you first have some good essay topic ideas. Students know how to write good content, but they often get confused when it comes to choosing good topics for college essay. So here's a look at some good college essay topics for you to write.

Interesting College Essay Topics

If you are tired of writing about politics and horrendous crime events over and over again. Here are some different and creative college essay topics for you to write.
What do you plan to do with your college degree?
How would your friends characterize you? Look at yourself from the outside.
What is love according to you?
Ever been cheated and still felt nice?
Have you experienced a moment of epiphany, as if your eyes were opened to something you were previously blind to? Describe this moment and your percepts about it.
Do you really feel you have made a difference?
Would you do anything for a million dollars?
Who is your inspiration?
Describe a successful student.
Your most cherished moment.
Ever felt near to God?
Controversial College Essay Topics

When you are faced with something that could create a controversy, it's hard to give an opinion. So to deal with it, you come up with statements which are not capable enough to create a stir and still reflect your point. Here are some controversial essay topics, for you to think on.
Media and Terrorism
Animal experimentation
Legal drinking age
Women in the military
Nuclear weapons
Illegal immigration
Teenage pregnancy
Gay rights
Sex before marriage
Prisons in America
Sexual harassment
Free condoms in school
Drug legalization
Capital punishment
United Nations
Internet censorship
Child abuse
Human trafficking
Persuasive College Essay Topics

Persuasive essay topics are easy to write but it's necessary that you have your facts right. It's good to have opinions but they should be put in the right way.
Are race relations getting better or worse?
Should people have the right to own automatic weapons?
Should companies be limited by how much they pay their CEOs?
Abortion. Another name for murder or a desperate necessity.
The influence of the Internet: More harm than good or vice versa.
Pollution is a consistent demolition of the earth.
Human cloning is wrong.
Abuse at home and domestic violence should be punished.
Free public transport for everybody: for or against.
Health care benefits for gay couples.
Negative effect of divorce parents on child physics.
Should Internet be censored?
Unnecessary curfew for children under the age of fifteen.
Convicted sex offender should be publicized or not.
Sports and steroid use.
Internet pornography.
Pregnancy requires AIDS test.
Secular and religious holiday decorations in schools.
Compare and Contrast College Essay Topics

One of the best examples of good college essay topics is writing about an essay which has two subjects in it. Such essay topics are known as compare and contrast essay topics because you have been provided with two situations always and you have to balance them with your writing skills.
Compare and contrast the weather conditions for the growing of the cotton between Texas and California.
Compare and contrast cloth diapers and disposable diapers.
Compare and contrast SUV and sedan.
Compare and contrast storms and blizzards.
Compare and contrast being rich and being poor.
Compare and contrast breastfeeding and formula feeding.
Compare and contrast anti slavery and anti abortion.
Compare and contrast being the US president and the president of the student council.
Compare and contrast texting while driving and drunk driving.
Compare and contrast going to a zoo and going to a pet store.
Hope you've liked the list of good college essay topics. You can start practicing on any of these above written topics and improve your thinking and writing skills.

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