Why Are Writing Skills Important?

Why Are Writing Skills Important?
Writing is one of the basic skills which one acquires in the formative years. Unfortunately, this area is not being given the due importance. In this article, we take a look at the importance of having superior writing skills.
Writing skills are essential for achieving career and business goals. It is an important medium of communication. Unfortunately, today, these skills are being neglected. If one wants to achieve his goals, superior writing skills are imperative. There are a variety of methods to enhance and hone one’s writing skills. A little effort will go a long way to achieve your goals. This is what sets you apart from your peers. We take a look at some instances where writing skills are an important asset.

One learns writing skills in school and college. The skill of expressing one’s thoughts and communicating ideas and views to others is developed here. Exams are a significant opportunity to demonstrate one's writing skills. This would stand in good stead in any chosen avenues of life.

Applying for a Dream Job
The recruiter receives thousands of applications which he sifts through. He has barely enough time to read each individual application. If one needs to be noticed, one must write content, which is impressive and unique. Your credentials must be presented in an elegant and systematic fashion. It should create a favorable impact on the recruiting authority. There should be no grammatical or spelling errors. The content should be concise and lucid. Do you know that there are companies specializing in the art of resume writing?

Web Content Writing
The Internet is the premier source of information today. Millions of people use it to obtain information pertinent to them. There are many web content writing companies which require writers to present information in a systematic and elegant format. For this reason, a web content writer should possess above average writing skills.

Business Communication
It is not possible to conduct all transactions by speech alone. If there exists a business project or opportunity one needs to send written proposals. The document should have clarity. Poor writing skills will convey the wrong message and result in possible rejection of the proposal. Likewise, appointment letters and memos reflect on the reputation of the organization.

Scientific Papers
Scientific and technological accomplishments cannot be communicated verbally. They have to be presented in a written form such as scientific journals and white papers. The scientific concepts should be communicated in effective and sophisticated language. Poor written communication skills can diminish the scientific reputation of the concerned group or individual.

For every activity in the government sector, one has to fill in forms and write out applications. One must be able to write accurately and lucidly.

International Affairs
Agreements between nations require superior writing skills. There should be no ambiguity or misinterpretation of critical points. The important documents include treaties, trade agreements, alliances and many more.

Disturbing Trends of Today
The youth and children of today prefer watching television to reading books. Their oral communication is excellent at the expense of their written communication. Call centers have cropped up where more importance is given to oral communication skills.

There has been a general deterioration in the standard of written communication. People use acronyms in emails and SMSes. The education system should be overhauled and refresher courses be given to arrest this negative trend.

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