The image of Emily Grierson from "A rose for Emily" by Faulkner

The image of Emily Grierson from "A rose for Emily" by Faulkner
In this research paper we will try to analyze the image of Emily Grierson from a story "A rose for Emily" by Faulkner. The author was extremely skillful at creating the image of Emily.

He describes her as a person who does not distinguish between the reality and illusion. For example, she refuses to pay taxes. The narrator describes Emily in such a way that makes the reader understand that she was crazy. Thus, this explanation prepares us for what Miss Emily does in order to hold her lover. He is in some sense still alive for her.

The author obviously describes Ms Emily as woman of tremendous firmness of will. Either it might be a matter of the taxes or her purchase of the poison. The narrator describes that she refuses to tell what she wants the poison for. Nevertheless, her firmness of will and her iron pride have not kept her from being frustrated and hurt.

The whole structure of the story is run by love and hate, respect and contempt. The end of the story sums it up in a complex image. On the one hand, the author offers a rose in admiration for a woman of inflexible spirit who tries to cling to her vision of an ideal; on the other hand, he depicts "the revolting spectacle of an aging and impotent culture couching with a corrupt materialism which its nobler components had rejected"

To sum everything up, "A Rose for Emily" is a masterfully developed tale, in which human beings without losing their individuality become resonant symbols of an entire society; it's a story about love, about scary love.

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