Mother—infant attachment

Mother—infant attachment
Mother—infant attachment bond is an essential problem that is investigated by many scientists from different angles.

Some interesting studies were conducted by Robert Sapolsky in his Any kind of mother in a storm. In this article scientist is trying to prove that the infant, a child would be attached to mother or to actually any kind of guardian that would raise them. As an example the author gives several situations of kidnappings with elements of rape, when the individuals being victims were still having some kind of feelings (the positive ones such as sorrow) towards their "parents". The explanation to this fact is found in the biological structure of the human body: "if glucocorticoids are not secreted, attraction emerges, and, if the mother is present, glucocorticoids are not secreted." The hypothesis was proved to be true and the conclusion was made that the infant children do have a strong connection to their parents.

Psychological connection between mother and child exists not only during the infant stage but throughout the entire life of a certain individual. It was observed through various theoretical facts and assumptions. These studies are very important due to the deeper understanding of the mother-child relations and psychological state of a child on different stages of development.

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