Negative influence of provocative clothing

Negative influence of provocative clothing
The problem with provocative clothing is that, to a certain extent, it objectifies women as sexual objects. This isn't only limited to the fact that men look at women and see sexual objects, although this is also a problem. Perhaps more importantly, women who wear provocative clothing influence young girls.

Young girls grow up and see that when women dress provocatively and behave in a certain manner, they manage to get men to do what they want much more easily. What they understand is that they can use male hormones to achieve their goals and that being as sexually enticing as possible is a smart way of behaving.

I am not saying that this is ineffective, however, there are two problems that stem from this. Firstly, it does not really conform with the vision of a society that is essentially meritocratic, which is a view of society that most people believe to be relatively fair. Indeed, using one's sexual appeal in order to achieve things in life clashes with such values as hard work and honesty. Thus, women who dress provocatively are teaching young girls to cheat, albeit indirectly. This leads to problem number two. The fact is that maintaining a state of sexual attractiveness is time-consuming. Although it may seem as simple as putting on a short skirt, it does, in fact, require a significant portion of time devoted to make-up, hair arrangements etc.

Furthermore, the behaviors that manage to optimize this strategy also take a certain amount of time to be learnt and then perfected. All this time is taken from other potential activities. Thus, little girls who want to emulate successful, provocatively dressing women get less time to learn to play an instrument, learn a foreign language, play with their peers, or develop their imagination by creating art.

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