Culture clash

Culture clash
In a multicultural environment, it is difficult to evaluate the actions among each ethnic group concerning the canon of parenting. That's why in order to prevent from interfering into someone's privacy; people should be very careful and attentive.In turn, pediatricians and child-development specialists should avoid prejudices in the question of "right" or "wrong" parenting, the problem of the effectiveness of social intervention concerning the parenting and the possible obstacles in the defining of child abuse and neglect is the focus on this paper.

Society is primarily based on the notions of responsibility and social concern. It is our duty to help people, especially if you see somebody is in danger and needs your help and support. We are to take some essentials steps to prevent the possible harm while the parents are not able to help their child. We should react immediately in two ways: prevent the harm and find the parents as well.

The scheme presented in the influential research of Lisa Aronson Fontes, and Jon R Conte about the child abuse and culture emphasize the importance of consideration various social circles: multicultural orientation, wider social systemsproximal social systems, ethnic culture, home/family, and individual, which gives the idea for shaping our interventions.

According to this scheme, the parents of the unattended child should be probably informed about the possible danger. It should be explained that in the eyes of the laws of this country, leaving a baby unattended is considered neglect and that they could be arrested for it.

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