Diversified education

Diversified education
One thing that makes me optimistic about modern educational process is that the numerous technological improvements that enter daily life will make it easier and easier for people to 'customize' their surroundings so that they fit their specific needs. Thanks to new technologies it is now cheap to make photos record information as well as many other things which may be useful for a given person to function more efficiently.

Having coded the files on my palmtop with the use of various colors I improved my organization and started acting more efficiently. I have also added numerous pictures, which allows me to operate with greater effectiveness. I am currently trying to find new ways to restructure dry and non-visual content into something that is more easily understood by me.

I believe that the tools developed by the academics are extremely useful and can have an important impact on the quality of public (though not only) education in many countries around the world. If teachers are informed about the various learning styles, and how to develop each type best, they will be able to make education more individually tailored, even if they do not have extra resources. Indeed, I believe that one of the problems is that many of them are still not aware of such differences between people.

Moreover, new technologies, like the power point presentation, allow new ways of presenting information at relatively small cost. I believe that the more diversified education will be in its methods, the better.

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