Fast food industry is to be regulated

Fast food industry is to be regulated
In 2003 the advocates defending two little girls, Ashly Pelman and Jazlyn Bredley, accused McDonalds of causing overweight the girls suffered from. McDonalds won that case and many similar ones as well. However, due to the growth of obesity indexes American courts can be forced to review their decision concerning this situation and define where the personal responsibility ends and the responsibility of the company-producer begins.

In addition, fast food lowers IQ of children. British scientists proved that children eating hamburgers, fried potato and other fast food products three times per a week got lower scores as compared to their peers, who had healthy life-style (more than 5500 children of midchildhood took part in the research of British scientists). According to the research results, the scores of some fans of fast food were lower by 16% as compared to the average ones. The level of British schoolchildren's health is one of the main concerns of doctors and sociologists in Great Britain. According to the statistics, every third child suffers from being overweight. So advertising of undesirable food products on television is already limited there, and it is forbidden to sell food with a high fat content and sweets in school cafeterias.

The government will never give up billions they make collecting taxes on cigarettes; and imposing taxes on unhealthy foods is another possibility for the budget's income. In the light of this situation companies will take steps to protect themselves and persuade people into fast food safety. This issue is especially burning as it touches upon human health and future, in general.

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