Writing persuasive essays

Writing persuasive essays
Writing on persuasive essay topics is obliging you to convince that your opinion is a right one. Your position should be well grounded and supported with relevant examples.
What is the supporting material?

Supporting material is the opinion of different people, scientists, and those people who have been studying the set problem or phenomenon and have made a definite contribution to the field of study. Supporting material is historical events, incontestable facts, and even your personal life experience and previous research papers.

It is rather difficult to change someone’s opinions that were forming during many years. That is why the arguments you include have to be logical and well-reasoned. You cannot write a persuasive essay based on your personal opinion only. You should reference numerous articles and reliable publications.

Writing persuasive essays

In fact, nobody will ask you to prove that the Earth is square. The tutor wants you to start thinking and analyzing already existing information. You need to be able to work with scientific information and know how to distinguish reliable publications from unreliable. Articles from peer reviewed journals are reliable, while blog posts online are not reliable.

You need to learn how to choose persuasive information and how to build arguments around facts. Keep in mind that introduction is written last, while a thesis statement is written first. Persuasive essay thesis statement should be strong, correct, and persuasive!

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