Argumentative essay writing

Argumentative essay writing
While writing argumentative essay, you should present information and strong arguments supporting it. Your task is not to inform the reader you have to convince the reader to accept your vision of the problem (topic) as the most valid and well-reasoned. In addition to profound research skills, you need to possess excellent critical thinking and writing skills. It is not easy to put words on a paper using argumentative writing style.
Moreover, you should include pro and con argumentation. Many student think that it is very easy to persuade someone, but it is not so. You should demonstrate your ability to use adequate argumentation while writing an effective argumentative essay. You should be an expert in the studied field to write an attractive argumentative essay.

You may have the choice of several argumentative essay topics; choose the one that is of interest to you. It is easier to write an essay on a topic that is of interest to you.

Argumentative essay writing

Choosing argumentation for your essay writing, don’t forget that arguments should be convincing and factual. Choose an appropriate tone for argumentative essay writing. Remember that your tutor may have an opinion on the topic that is totally different from yours.

Avoid aggressive tone and lead the reader to accept your point of view. Even if you disagree with someone, present his opinion in your essay and explain your position. Your argumentation should be based on evidence. Introductory paragraph should include a thesis statement. While writing an argumentative essay, you should not go away from the topic. Once a paragraph is written, read it and check whether it is relevant to the thesis statement.

There should be no useless, empty paragraphs, sentences, and even phrases.

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