Cause/effect essay writing

Cause/effect essay writing
Cause and effect essay writing is an explanation of the sequence of events, concepts, or behaviors. It can be an explanation of the conditions, conclusions, and factors.
College cause/effect essay writing is an attempt to understand our world and everything that has happened or can happen in future. English cause/effect essay should include the following sections: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Thesis statement should be presented in the introduction; facts, examples, evidence, and argumentation in the main part of an essay writing; your findings and brief confirmation of declared thesis statement in the conclusion.

Cause/effect essay writing

Let’s examine college cause/effect essay writing on the problematic topic of modern world - ecology. Cause rising of the average temperature of the Earth could lead to effect - the melting of polar ices, soil desertification, and extinction of certain species of flora and fauna.

Cause - in the process of life, mankind affect different ecological systems.

Effect - dangerous influences such as drainage of the marshes, forests cutting, the destruction of the ozone layer, the dumping of wastes into the environment.

These causes destroy established connection in sustainable system, which leads to destabilization of the Earth and ecological catastrophe.

The above example clearly shows the correlation among the causes and effects. There are two possible formats of writing: from causes to effects and vice versa. You can start writing cause and effect essay with examination of a cause and then outline possible effects. Alternatively, you can start writing with an effect and then analyze the potential causes of that effect.

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