Reid and Matthes investigations

Reid and Matthes investigations
Reid and co-authors conducted a pilot study with 60 participants. The aim was to investigate the effect of the level of fear of social exclusion and how the respondents define themselves as a minority on the likelihood that they will express their opinion. The theme addressed the prohibition of alcohol consumption.

The authors obtained results which showed that there are three options for development the experiment. For participants, which have low degree of fear of social isolation and low on prototypically (that mean were more willing to speak out under the high than low threat inducement). For participants high on fear of isolation, those low opinion of relating to minority were more willing to speak out under the high threat inducement. Group of members with high opinion of relating to minority were high in willingness to speak out independent of fear of isolation and threat. Perceived threat mediated the effect of relating to minority on willingness to express the opinion.

Matthes investigated the relationship between climate in society and likely to express personal opinion. The purpose of this study was to study the theoretical aspect of practice. The result was that the climate in the group affects the probability of expression relationships, when there is a low or medium attitude certainty.

Authors concluded that the theory can be applied not to all members of society. The climate in society is not the main reason which affects the probability of expression. Attitude certainty, but not the attitude of extremity and issue of debates, was important.

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