Randolph B. Campbell

Randolph B. Campbell
There are several kinds of historical prose books by the method of showing the atmosphere of the described period to a reader. For example, a story may tell about imaginary characters put by author into certain historical context; or a person who really existed is acting in the situation that author invented. Finally, a real figure of the period can be the main hero, his or her life closely examined and traced by the author.

Randolph B. Campbell's Sam Houston and the American Southwest belongs to the latter kind, as it gives a detailed view of America in the first half of nineteenth century through the biography of Samuel Houston, US army officer, member of Indian tribe and the first elected president of independent Texas State. It is interesting to become acquainted with such book as this genre is rather neglected in modernist and postmodernist literature.

Randolph B. Campbell, the author, was born in Texas and so has an old and deep interest in his native state history. He has popularized main events and heroes of Texas discovery, colonization, its existence as a part of Mexico, then getting independence and further development within the USA borders. Of course the tragedy of the civil war in which Texas took an active part didn't escape his close attention.

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