Repositioning of Schwab

Repositioning of Schwab
Prior to its re-positioning, Schwab occupied the niche typical for discount brokers, along with E*Trade, and was seen as an online service provider for professionals, despite the actual presence of wide range of products and branch office network. Its accessibility, known for brand loyalists, was not communicated further.

E*Trade shared many service features with Schwab in 2001, and remains the key player in online brokerage in 2006. Fidelity specializes on diversified research network and is included as a competitor with an established reputation. Scottrade is included as offering the best overall value for money, as well as low commissions, while Vanguard for its outstanding performance and information resources; besides, both rely heavily on personal service at branch offices, so are the direct competitiors for Schwab.

The projected strategy emphasized advice and education and would in fact be a re-positioning to an area already occupied by Fidelity and other competitors with the superiority in a number of services.

The perceptual gap, which is the most proper re-positioning target, is seen on the top right sector, combining promotion of advice and educational service with easy off-line accessibility and personal commitment through branch offices. This requires re-consideration of advertisement strategy sketched previously. As the 2006 surveys show, such additional emphasis on branch network is successful, with personal services becoming a major trend in online brokerage.

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