Riding a roller coaster to loving somebody

Riding a roller coaster to loving somebody
It might be interesting what you did more often in your life and what seems to be more risky and exiting for you. But probably if you like the first one you will like the second one, because these "testing" bear very similar character.

Imagine how you are sitting in a comfortable chair of roller coaster, tightly fastened by safety belts. Next to you are sitting your friends joking by calling you a coward. But you don't pay attention at them, because you can't move your sight from steep turns, spirals and loops of roller coaster. You understand that you still have a small chance to get out from there, but you already feel how rapidly growth a speed.

You clench your fists, feel as your body muscles are compressed and you stick deeply to the sitting. In every step up and down, unexpected turn to the left and right makes you to close your eyes from all forces, and your brain sends a signal — that one more step down and you will break. You want cry out louder and louder, but the speed comes down and stops. You come out and feel how rapidly beats your heart and adrenalin builds up in your body. And only one thing you are planning to do is to repeat your ride. But after the second attempt you feel neither fear nor heat anymore. And you go the next roller-coaster. When you see him/her you feel how your heart leaves in heals, your pulse is increasing speedily, and you are confused to say at least one word or phrase.

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