Rock and hard rock

Rock and hard rock
Literally the concept of "hard rock" means "rigid" or "heavy" rock. But this concept is so universal, that many at all do not see a difference between actually rock music and hard rock as its direction. The Hard Rock, which elements were present in creativity of the majority of the western pop groups since first half 60th years, has turned to the accurate form in music like "Blue Cheer", "Cream", "The Yardbirds", and also � legendary "Beatles" and "Rolling Stones".

Rock became the most adequate spiritual document of an epoch. In 70th years the rock has met rigid counteraction from official culture and traditionalists. But it is wrongful to refuse to mass art in its aspiration to satisfy socially comprehensible requirements for aesthetic self-expression. The rock in its mass cultic variants for huge number of young men has become a unique window in the art world, in aesthetic sphere. Attempt to measure by one measures "daily" art and "high style" art was inappropriate snobbery.

Concerning the musical form the great value has international crisis reflecting crisis in social and cultural development and transition to a new coil of modernization. Each generation should assimilate and select anew for itself the maintenance of moral values of the person. Only in this case moral and social values will be perceived as true, not introduced.

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