What is Cause And Effect Essay?

What is Cause And Effect Essay?
Cause and effect essay deals with events, situations, and reasons that cause them. Papers of this kind represent a common method to organize and discuss some ideas. You are free to choose situation for the essay, but before you do this, take into account that situations can be simple and complicated.
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No matter which topic and type of situation you choose, you should develop a thesis statement. It should be clear and mention that you discuss cause and effects. Try to introduce your main idea using the worlds “cause” and “effect.” Having done that, you should find and make some notes about supporting details. They will help you to back up the thesis with sufficient and relevant information that needs to be organized in a proper way.
There are three common ways to organize the details. First of all, you can place then in the order of importance – details can be written from the most to least important or vice versa. The second way to organize them is chronological; it arranges the details in the order in which they occurred. And the last, but not the least type of order is a categorical one. It divides the theme of the paper into several parts and categories.
Having written the paper, you should evaluate its effectiveness. The easiest way to do this is to ask and answer a number of questions such as what are the causes and effects. Which one of them should be emphasized? Or are there several issues to emphasize? How many causes are there? How many effects are there?
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