Samuel Houston in politics

Samuel Houston in politics
Samuel Houston's role in the politics of Texas is a striking and very interesting period of his biography. He suddenly crossed the Mexican border and later became actively involved in the separatist movement, becoming a notable figure in Texas' separation from Mexico. He is a consistent supporter of the independence cause and a good commander, managing to organize the resistance and defeat the Mexican army.

As for the political aspect, it remains not quite clear what the Houston's activity was motivated with. Being a Texas statesman and then president, he evidently did not oppose the gradual expansion of the USA during the 1840s which lasted in Texas joining the Federation. Maybe Samuel was the agent of American influence in the region as like as he just believed that it would be better for Texan people to live in the USA.

The final period in Samuel Houston's life is related with the controversy between North and South and the civil war. In that critical time he acted like a true patriot of both USA and Texas trying to prevent any sort of open conflict. Being a Democrat and a Southerner, Sam Houston nevertheless supported anti-slavery laws adoption in order to bring peace and unity in the society.

When the war finally started Houston supported none of the sides. He lost his position and citizenship in Texas but still did not work against it with Federals. Moreover, his son joined the Confederate army which fact is showing a deep sympathy for South in the family.

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