Essay on the role of Hybrid Cars in environmental protection

Essay on the role of Hybrid Cars in environmental protection
One of the ways to protect the environment and ecosystem of the planet is possible by means of increase of production and usage of hybrid cars. Hybrid electric cars being the most environment friendly vehicles are gaining more and more popularity for their economy and, at the same time, non-harmful influence on ecology and our environment.

One of the major causes of global warming as well as greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide. Petroleum in traditional cars in the process of burning leads to emission of fumes containing high percentage of carbon compounds. Absence of carbon dioxide emissions in vehicles driven by liquid petroleum gas leads to very little or no environment pollution. Some of the cars have engines which are driven by petroleum-electric motor whose carbon emissions are much reduced in comparison to traditional petroleum driven cars.

More to the point, electric cars can be driven by rechargeable energy, for example, batteries or special energy saving system. However, rechargeable batteries for hybrids need replacement in almost every eight years while their price is rather high and such a fact makes this type of cars look disadvantageous in comparison to regular petroleum driven cars.

Due to the environment friendly carbon free technologies of hybrids, these cars correspond to the rules and policies of Greenpeace. Hence, importance of hybrids in protecting environment is difficult to deny, as this type of cars is the means of transportation of the nearest future.

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