Essay on the tragedy in "Double Suicide" by Masahiro Shinoda

Essay on the tragedy in "Double Suicide" by Masahiro Shinoda
Masahiro Shinoda's Double Suicide is the film that contains the motive of femme fatale. When to analyze the plot of the film we can see that there are many facts inside the film that indicate on the fact of fatality of both heroes, engaged in the film.

All the way through his movie, the main protagonist is returning to the image the puppeteers. 'Black-cloaked, black-masked figures in the background or the foreground' are introduced with the aim to help Chikamatsu to change sets, assist the characters and see the action to its conclusion. In other words, the story has many features of the theatre. Also, it combines a very modernist reading of classical material. According to Greenspun, when to return walls into stage flats, we can see that the major substances that have been used in the story are insubstantial. Also, the story combines multiple approaches to truth.

Several attempts have been made in order to distance the material that is used to suggest an intellectual's mistrust of mere event. The same motive has been already present in Mizoguchi's "The Crucified Lovers". The author of the book skillfully uses the multilevel spaces of his middle-class houses. The use of extra levels is introduced with the aim to bring a complex dramatic effect into the play. The idea is very useful as it can help to elaborate the mechanism of metaphor.

To summarize, the struggle that has been depicted in Masahiro Shinoda's "Double Suicide" has many important features of its own. The tragedy has a strictly national coloring. When developing a research paper or a proper movie review, you will require full information on the subject. Professional paper writers who afford advanced online writing services and sell custom essays will provide you with up-to-date and correct data you are interested in.

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