Five Paragraph Essays

Five Paragraph Essays
College, university, and school studies are full of academic complications. Writing five paragraph essays is one of them. Papers of this type teach students to give structure to their writings, give them appropriate format and style. A five paragraph paper consists of an introductory paragraph, three paragraph of the body of the paper, and one paragraph conclusion.
The truth is that academic papers only seem to be simple, in reality there is a number of academic rules to follow and a great range of details to take into account. Few students know all of them and are experienced enough to create a paper that meets all the standards of academic writing. Others receive low marks and don’t even know what they have done wrong.
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As you know, every paper starts with an introduction. Try to make it as appealing as possible; don’t forget that the main functions of the introduction are to tell the readers the main topic of the essay, and catch their attention. It is obvious that every paper has a thesis. Include it into your introduction to meet requirements of academic writing.
Having done that you can start working on the body of the paper. Include the main arguments, facts, examples, etc. into it. Remember that body of the paper is supposed to prove that your thesis is right and correct.
As it has already been mentioned above, conclusion of this paper should be composed of one paragraph. The paragraph should not be larger than all the others, and at the same time it should summarize information from previous four paragraphs.
Five paragraph essays, as well as academic papers of any other type should be revised and edited. So, read the text several times, try to make breaks between the readings. Don’t be afraid to change the text, including your thesis.
The last but not the least is checking for plagiarism. Use any reliable software to check if your paper is 100 per cent original. Try to follow each of the issues mentioned above and your paper will bring you a good mark!

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