What is Argumentative Essay?

What is Argumentative Essay?
An argumentative essay is a persuasive paper. As the title suggests, the article presents an argument. It is a little different from a persuasive essay because unlike the persuasive article this type of article focuses on arguments, not only the ways of swaying the audience. In an attempt to write an essay of this kind you will have to accumulate evidence and create a rational argument on some good subject. A statement of fact cannot be argued well. You have to think deep in your topic and realize whether it is arguable. Do you see any controversy in your topic? Your argument has to be strengthened by evidence.
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While writing an argumentative essay a student has to choose his/her side and stay on that side all the way through the paper. Present your own ideas, do not be afraid to state your viewpoint and do not become influenced by other people who know about the topic of your essay. Your language has to be strong and convincing. Do not write about things that you do not know. Write only about those opinions that you understand and you whether agree or disagree with them. You should cite the sources in which the authors have the same standpoint as you do. You must use only reliable facts, evidence, and statistics to prove yourself right.
An argumentative essay will be of better quality if it has a counterargument. Explain the opposing viewpoint and disprove it. Furthermore, you can make your argument winning if you simply disprove all possible counterarguments. You only have to provide reliable evidence to your words. Your readers will believe you even without hearing evidence in the defense of your argument. They will become sure that all the counterarguments are incorrect; consequently, your argument will be the only one that is true. Do not forget that every stage of writing is expressively important that is why you cannot relax until you finish your work.

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