Treatment of diabetes mellitus writing help

Treatment of diabetes mellitus writing help
There are various treatment methods and different ways to meet patients' expectations and respond to their needs. The article under analysis (Scheiner G. 2009) discussed the forms of treatment diabetes mellitus, which are usually shots, pens, and insulin pump therapy.

Authors state that among other advantages of the continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion the flexible and accurate insulin dosing stands out.It is also stressed that insulin pumps are easier to manage and to live with, as they make it easier to control glycemic level for long period of time. The article discusses the ability of insulin pumps to decrease diabetes complications and the changes in lifestyle the insulin pumps bring after the continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion was initiated. The authors of the article are clearly giving more benefits to the insulin pump therapy, but mostly due to its ability to make the life of a patient more independent and easier. This article also stands out among others because it stresses the importance of patient education and routine self-monitoring, which are very important for facile improvement.

The article states that though there are benefits in the insulin pump therapy the choice remains controversial and though the insulin pump therapy may seem like a better way it may not be the case in some particular patients. The article discusses the ways patients' lives could be improved with the help of available methods of treatment.

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