WBS cost estimate and schedule writing

WBS cost estimate and schedule writing
Work breakdown structure can be a very handful tool when one is facing a complex project with variety of differentiated costs, tasks and assignments. Even though it might seem that implementation of the WBS system is too complex and it is easier to go along without it, however practical experience shows that additional costs, natural difficulties and other problems that occur are unnecessary and could be avoided by the use of the system.

WBS can be used for various purposes, starting from new product launch by certain company and ending with the organization of an event. Wedding is most of the times a "one-time in a lifetime" thing that is why there is additional effort needed when planning for it. There are many various features that can be present at a regular wedding, nevertheless. Gannt chart will approximate the time required for each task bulk to be completed in a timely manner.

The period considered for preparations is a three week one that is why each task needs to be completed in a certain period of time. There are 29 tasks and sub tasks included in the project and the total of four units were determined to execute this order properly. WBS analysis will already include actual costs, budgeted costs (as the sum of overhead expenditures and the actual ones incurred. Since the weddings performed differently by different people and in different areas, the conduct of the wedding will be composed as a medium-upper level one. The main reason for such choice is based on the amount of money spent for dresses and tuxedos.

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