What is Critical Essay?

What is Critical Essay?
Critical essay assignments make many students feel confused because there are a lot of issues about the paper to take into account. And as experience shows, some students do not study academic writing as a separate discipline, so many students cannot perform the task well enough; some students do not have enough time to dedicate to writing, some are not interested in topics. There might be different reasons of confusion, but result is always the same and it is a bad mark.
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Writing a critical paper, remember that critique can be both positive and negative. Thus, your paper can completely agree with your reading or it can argue with it. It is up to you to decide which side should be taken; the main thing is to choose the one really interesting for you.
Begin the paper from analysis of reading. It should include your statement, outline of facts that are important from our point of view. You should also describe values and conclusions of the author of the book.
Don’t forget that aim of the paper is to evaluate work of the book’s author. So, assess it on the basis of relevance, correctness or any other issue that you believe is relevant; evaluate logical consistency of the statement of the author; apprize his or her values and conclusions, express your feelings about them.
Having completed analysis and assessment, check if the paper meets the thesis. If no, don’t be afraid to change the statement. The next step is editing the paper. It includes correcting mistakes and pieces of the text that might be considered as plagiarism. You can use special software for that.
Check one more time if your paper is informative and if it emphasizes the book; try to show your readers the difference between your feelings and facts, but remember that criticism does not mean that you have to attack the book and emphasize its disadvantages; critical essay is about objective judgment and discussion.

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